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Pulse Radiant Laser Treatment in Hubbard, Ohio
Also Treating Patients in Hermitage, PA

Brennan Chiropractic Performs This Innovative and Safe Treatment

Brennan Chiropractic performs pulse radiant laser treatment in Hubbard, Ohio. If you are suffering from joint and muscle pain, sciatica, or pain from a sports injury, this treatment could help. Pulse radiant laser treatment is an FDA-approved treatment that is becoming increasingly common for chiropractic patients. The lasers come from small devices that our chiropractor can hold in his hands. The lasers emit a pulsing light that travels beneath the skin. It is a new, unique type of treatment.

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We Use Pulse Radiant Lasers to Treat Sprains, Inflammation, and More

The medical profession has used high-powered lasers for use in a number of medical applications. They have been used for destroying tumors, removing blood clots, and more. The lasers emit a much lower frequency of light than larger machines. In our practice, we use pulse radiant laser treatment for sprains, inflammation, light muscle trauma, and aches and pains.

Treating These Injuries with Pulse Radiant Laser Treatment

  • Sprains
  • Light Muscle Trauma
  • Aches and Pains
  • Inflammation
  • Wounds
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Acupuncture Replacement

Our Chiropractor Performs the Treatment Carefully On the Skin

Patients do not feel a thing when Brennan Chiropractic performs pulse radiant laser treatment. The only thing they will feel is the laser moving against their skin. Our chiropractor will perform the treatment carefully and correctly. We will let you know what is going on during the treatment.

We Can Give You Relief from the Pain and Discomfort

Are you a patient struggling with the aches and pains of age, current or past injuries, or fibromyalgia? Pulse radiant laser treatment could help. It is a safe and effective way to treat a vast array of aches and pains. We can give you the relief from pain you have been experiencing. Our team is compassionate, experienced, and always searching for new ways to help our patients.

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