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Carpal Tunnel in Hermitage, PA, and Hubbard, Ohio

Choose Brennan Chiropractic for Non-Surgical Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Patients who are seeking non-surgical treatment for carpal tunnel in Hermitage, PA, and Hubbard, Ohio, choose Brennan Chiropractic. We can treat you with non-surgical techniques if your doctor has diagnosed you with carpal tunnel syndrome. Your doctor might have suggested surgery, but if you do not want surgery, we are here for you. Maybe you have not been diagnosed, but the pain, numbness or tingling in your arm or hand concerns you. Dr. Nicholas J. Brennan can accurately diagnose carpal tunnel.

Call our Hermitage, PA, office at (724) 347-2111 or our Hubbard, Ohio, office at (330) 534-4500. Take advantage of our walk-in services. We will be glad to set up an appointment to evaluate you for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wrist Tissue Compression Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when wrist tissues compress one of the major nerves to the hand, known as the median nerve. This nerve starts in your cervical spine, and runs down your arm and through a narrow passage in your wrist. Pressure to the nerve can occur at several points along the way, including in your cervical spine or in the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, numbness, and tingling in your arm or hand.

Carpal Tunnel Worsens Over Time if Left Untreated

The pain or tingling from carpal tunnel may travel up your forearm and into your shoulder. Sometimes, the condition causes shock-like sensations to your fingers. You may experience weakness and even begin to drop things. Carpal tunnel tends to worsen over time if it goes untreated. If you sleep with your wrists bent, your symptoms may be worse at night. You might also notice symptoms while using a cell phone, computer mouse, or driving a vehicle.

We Use These Carpal Tunnel Treatments

  • Muscle Stimulation
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Therapeutic Exercise

Dr. Brennan Can Alleviate the Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Many doctors will suggest treating carpal tunnel aggressively with surgery or steroid injections. But if you worry about the risks and complications of such approaches, you may opt for natural, more conservative treatments. Dr. Brennan can alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel without all the risks of surgery. Our chiropractor provides safe and effective treatment for carpal tunnel.

Contact us when you want non-surgical treatment of carpal tunnel in Hermitage, PA, and Hubbard, Ohio.

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