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Chiropractic in Youngstown, Ohio

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Now that you have turned your attention to chiropractic in Youngstown, Ohio, you will see Brennan Chiropractic as the perfect choice. Make an appointment or walk into Brennan Chiropractic at our Hubbard, Ohio office. We provide quality chiropractic in our new office. Our goal is to return patients to their routine way of life. Our chiropractor believes in providing comprehensive and holistic medical care to enhance our patients’ overall health. We encourage personal responsibility in healthcare, which includes attention to health maintenance and interactive decision making during illness.

Call us today for a no-obligation consultation in Hubbard at (330) 534-4500. Same-day appointments are available. Walk-ins at 603 West Liberty Street in Hubbard are welcome.

Chiropractic Care is Safe for Most Surgical Patients

Brennan Chiropractic provides post-operative back and joint therapy to allow our patients to heal after surgery. Chiropractic care is safe for most patients who undergo back surgery after they have healed from the procedure. We want our patients to heal and not experience more pain and discomfort. Surgery patients have to give their body time to heal and completely recover before they seek our chiropractic services. Recovery time is different for everybody. After a year, you should be able to seek post-operative back and joint therapy from Brennan Chiropractic.

Contact Us About Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Are you in pain from carpal tunnel? Do you want our chiropractic help for the condition? Carpal tunnel tends to worsen over time if it goes untreated. If you sleep with your wrists bent, your symptoms may be worse at night. You might also notice symptoms while using a cell phone, computer mouse, or driving a vehicle. The pain or tingling from carpal tunnel may travel up your forearm and into your shoulder. Sometimes, the condition causes shock-like sensations to your fingers. You may experience weakness and even begin to drop things.

When you are ready for our help, contact us for chiropractic in Youngstown, Ohio.

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