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Myofascial Release in Hermitage, PA, and Hubbard, Ohio

Brennan Chiropractic Offers Myofascial Release to Reduce Pain

Brennan Chiropractic performs pain-reducing myofascial release in Hermitage, PA, and Hubbard, Ohio. Myofascial release is a type of rehabilitation that we use to treat myofascial pain syndrome. You might not have ever heard of myofascial pain syndrome. Sensitivity and tightness in your myofascial tissues causes this chronic pain disorder. Myofascial tissues surround and support the muscles throughout your body. The pain usually originates from specific points, or trigger points, within your myofascial tissues.

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We Focus on Easing the Tension and Tightness in Trigger Points

When we do myofascial release, we focus on reducing pain by easing the tension and tightness in the trigger points. Determining what trigger point is causing the pain is not an easy process.

That is why Brennan Chiropractic uses myofascial release over a broad area of muscle and tissue, rather than at single points.

Dr. Brennan Massages and Stretches the Affected Rigid Areas

Dr. Brennan will gently massage the myofascia and feel for stiff or tightened areas. For patients with normal myofascia, it should feel pliable and elastic. We will begin massaging and stretching the areas that feel rigid with light pressure. Our chiropractor then aids the tissue and supportive sheath in releasing pressure and tightness. We repeat the process multiple times until we feel we have fully released the tension.

Myofascial Release Treats the Network of Muscles

When we perform myofascial release, the area we treat might not be near where you feel the pain. Myofascial release treats the broader network of muscles that might be causing your pain or discomfort. This therapy attempts to reduce tension throughout your body by releasing trigger points across a wide area of your muscular system.

Get Relief from Chronic Headaches

Those who experience chronic headaches may also find relief from myofascial release. When we gently massage tightened muscles in and around the neck and head, we may reduce headaches.

Headaches can adversely affect our work, family lives, sleep patterns, and more.

Myofascial Release Helps with Venous Insufficiency

Myofascial release can also help with venous insufficiency. The condition occurs when blood pools in the deep veins of the leg. With this condition, the blood pool stretches and eventually damages the veins in your legs. You may experience an aching and painful sensation in your leg. Dr. Brennan might use myofascial release in conjunction with other treatments. He will do that to reduce the pooling and pain that venous insufficiency causes.
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