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Chiropractic Care in Liberty, Ohio

Brennan Chiropractic Stands Out Above the Rest

When you need excellent chiropractic care in Liberty, Ohio, you should check out Brennan Chiropractic in Hubbard, Ohio. We stand out above the rest of the competition. We provide patients in our new Hubbard office with chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and myofascial release treatment. We also offer trigger point therapy and pulse radiant laser treatment. If you are experiencing problems with muscle spasms, numbness, or tingling, seek our help. Some of our patients have sustained injuries at home, work, the gym, or in a vehicle accident. Dr. Nicholas J. Brennan is a compassionate chiropractor and believes in educating his patients about their health for long and short-term benefits.

Call us today for an appointment in Hubbard at (330) 534-4500. Same-day appointments are available. Walk-ins at 603 West Liberty Street in Hubbard are also welcome.

Our Quality Chiropractic Services Include:

Muscle Spasms Are Common for Men and Women

Brennan Chiropractic can treat you for chronic muscle spasms in your back and other areas of your body. Muscle spasms are involuntary muscle contractions. When you have a muscle spasm every now and then, it really is not a cause for concern. But when you experience multiple muscle spasms each week, it can result in pain, inflammation, limited mobility, and other problems. Dehydration is one of the most common causes of muscle spasms. When you do not have enough water surrounding your muscles, the nerves become hypersensitive and may spasm. We can manipulate the nerve and relieve you of your muscle spasms.

Seek Our Help for Numbness and Tingling in Extremities

Our team effectively treats numbness and tingling in your arms and legs. When patients experience numbness and tingling, they can feel pins and needles in their arms, legs, or other extremities. They can cause discomfort and even pain with some conditions like diabetic nerve pain. We will help determine the appropriate course of treatment for patients experiencing numbness and tingling in the arms and legs. We will evaluate your condition, take your medical history, and explain our treatment.

When you are ready for our help, contact us for chiropractic care in Liberty, Ohio.

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